I sit here, typing this post, watching Sex and the City. Sex and the City is one of my favourite shows to watch when I want a little extra motivation or when I feel anxious about getting older. I love stories about strong, independent, successful women. I needed the encouragement today as I plan to post my Before pictures in this post!!

I’ve created a 6 week fitness program for myself, which I am beginning today! I am three weeks postpartum now. Though I am happy about how fast my pregnancy weight (and then some) has come off, I am not yet where I want to be. I DO feel amazing though, especially considering how little sleep I’ve been getting. Maybe I’m still on a high by suddenly being able to bend over again and tie my shoes, lay on my stomach, climb stairs without becoming winded…. But my fitness goals are to overcome years of neglect. This past year, this pregnancy, has been particularly hard on my body. I spent several weeks of this pregnancy on bed rest orders due to bleeding in pregnancy. After that, I had a ten pound lifting restriction. I occasionally indulged in fried and fast foods. My blood pressure rose again during this pregnancy. I began taking Labetalol 100mg, twice daily. After Brynn’s delivery, my pressure increased still and I began having terrible head aches and blurred vision. I had to increase my dose to 200mg twice daily. I gained about 25 lbs during this pregnancy, and am now down 35 lbs. Thank you breast feeding! I am fitting into clothes that I haven’t fit into for a couple of years, but like I said, years of neglect….

So here we go! Posting these is WWWAAAYYY the heck out of my comfort zone!! And I have dreaded it for the last week, put it off for the last couple days, looked for excuses, talked myself out of it… but, as I said in my first post, this is about growth and accountability for me. SO here they are!

Happy TGIT!


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