Birth Story!

He finally arrived! Mr. Brynn Herzog was born one week ago today, February 14, 2017! Our little Valentine weighed in at 8 lb 4 oz. and is doing great! I say finally, however, his official due date by LMP isn’t until February 26th. Through this entire pregnancy I’ve had the feeling he would come early. For some reason I expected him much earlier than this… no logical reasoning for this I guess… but my body had felt ready to deliver for well over a month. I found this pregnancy to be very challenging. I will explain some of the reasoning behind this in another post, but in summary, I was just so exhausted all of the time and experienced a lot more pain than I did with my first pregnancy.

SO, when I began having contractions Sunday evening, I was over the moon! I had done everything I could think of to induce labor on Sunday. Therefore, when I began having contractions 10 min apart around 21h30 on Sunday, I made sure my bags were ready to go and I tried to get some sleep! They weren’t terribly strong, so I did have a couple scattered hours of sleep that night. But I was pretty excited to be having regular contractions so it was difficult to sleep. I went to my scheduled prenatal appointment at 09h00 on Monday morning, hoping to hear that I was magically 8cm dilated! On the contrary, I had not started dilating and was reminded that contractions could stop and I may very well go til the 26th (or later…). I went home and my contractions seemed to grow further apart and then occasional. Before bed I decided to do a few jumping jacks and squats out of desperation…

An hour after I went to bed, our daughter woke screaming. My husband went first to see her, as he was still up. She seemed inconsolable, so I got up to go see her. I walked into her room and my water broke! We called my mom to come stay with Naomi, and left for the hospital! I thought things were going to move fast now, as contractions started again by the time we got to the hospital at around 23h00 on Monday night. They grew closer to about 3 min apart! However, as the night went on, they became further apart again. After another sleepless night, the nurse came in for an assessment and I had not had a single contraction for about 90 minutes. As you can imagine, I was pretty upset! Our family MD came in at about 10h00 and asked if we wanted to induce. So we gratefully moved to a labor and delivery room as fast as we could get there! Within about an hour, my contractions were on top of one another and excruciating. Epidural was in place about 20 minutes after that. I was 5 cm dilated at this point. Within one hour of my epidural, I was 10 cm dilated and ready to go! Our little man was born at 13h29! It felt SO LONG AWAITED, but he came so quickly at the same time!

We are SO thankful he has joined us on the outside, happy and healthyJ We had great care with some AMAZING nurses and an incredible young Resident who delivered! We are finding our new routine and have been able to get some sleep the last three nights!

Love Thea

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